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The MVS website is constantly being developed to provide online access to valuation services and relevant research for everyone interested in Real Estate. Lenders, investors and property owners can find access to valuable data and topics from both MVS research and other data collectors.MVS Valuers Australia is a dynamic group of highly qualified and skilled professionals. We pride ourselves on the quality of valuation services provided to financial institutions, government agencies and the private sector. With more than 130 Valuers and Administration staff providing significant valuation services to lenders and government our data collection and research is a large part of our daily activities.

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  • The Impact of the GFC on Sydney’s Prestige Property market · Apr 23, 2012 · full story
    In 2012 Sydney’s prestige property market is still feeling the effects of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Whilst some buyers took advantage of the crisis, others suffered from it. So why did some win whilst others lost?
  • Economic & Residential Market Overview May 2011 · Sep 20, 2011 · full story
    At its Meeting on 3rd May 2011, the RBA lsft the cash rate unchanged at 4.75% after four 0.25% increases during 2010.
  • South East QLD – Residential Market Overview · Apr 20, 2011 · full story
    The Brisbane residential market peaked late 2009, with 2009 showing good demand on the back of a low interest rate climate and the increased Government’s First Home Owner’s Grant.